Top Trending: December 19 – 24

It’s nearing the end of December and we’re super excited to see which books the top trending right before Christmas. If you’re wondering which books will make great gifts for loved ones, then fret no more—the following list will hopefully help you make a decision or two.

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Seems like tweeters are throwing it way back with John Steinbeck’s East of Eden—and who can blame them? This epic, sprawling tale documents the intertwining fates between two families, the Trasks and Hamiltons, as they reenact the fall of Adam and Eve and the rivalry between Cain and Abel. Encounter mesmerizing characters and explore themes ranging from the inexplicability of love to the struggle for identity.

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Steinbeck isn’t the only influential author on the list—Thomas Pynchon has also made it with Inherent Vice, a psychedelic powerhouse with an exciting plot that will toss you back to the marijuana haze-filled sixties. When Doc Sportello—an out of sorts private eye with a penchant for trouble—receives a visit from his ex-girlfriend with a story about a plot to kidnap a billionaire land developer who she’s in love with, things get complicated—and very groovy.

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Speaking of the sixties, Daring: My Passages chronicles the life of Gail Sheehy when she was an innovative “girl” journalist in New York City. The author of the classic New York Times bestseller Passages writes a candid memoir that hones in on the obstacles and opportunities encountered when she dared to blaze a trail in a “man’s world,” and details many of her more controversial assignments: From walking the streets with hookers and pimps to expose prostitution, to seeking out Egypt’s president Anwar Sadat when he was targeted for death, Sheehy will have you perpetually on the edge of your seat.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 2.47.46 PM

Serious books aside, light up the holidays with Austin Mahone’s Just How It Happened: My Official Story. See how Mahone went from being a small town kid having fun on YouTube to now headlining shows around the world. For the diehard fan, get lost in exclusive photos and stories from his childhood.

Check out the rest of this week’s Top Trending list here. And before you sign off, drop us a comment to let us know which books you’re hoping to get for the holidays!

Subject: Epistolary Novels

To: You

Cc: Your Friends

From: BookVibe

Subject: Epistolary Novels


Dear Reader,

Books that have been written as a series of documents— like letters, diary entries, and newspaper clippings—have always been a point of interest to us because of their ability to mimic the workings of real life.

In the 21st century, email has taken over so we’ve picked out some of our favorite books where emails feature prominently (or exclusively!)

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.54.17 PM

The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot is dealt with entirely by emails sent among the characters. When gossip columnist Melissa Fuller finds her neighbor—the kind and elderly Helen Friedlander— almost murdered in her apartment, she is shaken. Mel’s paranoia causes her to pay closer attention to her neighbors, in particular the cute boy next door. Has Mel found the man of her dreams, or is he something far more sinister?

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.54.45 PM

If Tobe Hooper’s Midnight Movie could be summed up in one word, “sinister,” would definitely be it. And you shouldn’t be too surprised—the man is the creator of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, after all.

In the novel, Hooper casts himself as the lead role. When his first movie is slated to be premiered at Austin’s SXSW festival, those who attend the showing are infected with something that causes them to become maniacs and manic zombies. The novel is heavily made up of excerpts from emails – a digital record of the wrongdoing by authorities and media in an attempt to cover up the scary truth that Hooper now has to solve.

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.55.48 PM

Tired of their monotonous lifestyle, Matt and Karen Smith decide to transform their lives into something like an exciting film—by taking a mid-career break to travel to all 58 U.S. National Parks, which they document in their novel, Dear Bob and Sue. Among some of the most breathtaking places in America, the national parks boast geological wonders and amazing wildlife. As the two brave their way through the wilderness, they share their observations in a series of emails with their two friends, Bob and Sue.

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.56.31 PM

When childhood best friends Rosie and Alex are separated, emails and letters serve as the glue holding the two heartbroken friends together. Although continents apart, the two remain close despite the passing of many years. In Cecelia Ahern’s Love Rosie (soon to be a major motion picture!), follow Rosie and Alex as they navigate distance, new relationships and circumstances—which all seem hell bent on keeping them apart— and believe in the power of fate all over again.

Have we piqued your interest? Don’t miss the rest of our list of novels consisting primarily of emails here.  address book flat icon, christmas button

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The Trendy Trending Fashion + Beauty Books

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was this week and—to the surprise of nobody— it was absolutely spectacular. The most delicate scraps of lace and shiniest pieces of silk were on display, and that made us turn our heads towards the most popular Fashion + Beauty books on Twitter.

From celebrity style guides to an incredibly thorough monograph on shoes, our list will amaze and hopefully inspire you to slip on those ravishing stilettos or debonair Derby shoes.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.38.39 PM

Nicky Hilton may be relatively unknown when it comes to gossip sites and the tabloids (unlike her younger sister), but she is no stranger in the fashion world, where she has earned her reputation as a style icon. In 365 Style, Nicky not only talks about her red carpet and runway experiences, but also shares her formula for creating your own signature style. Her best-kept style secrets—everything from your five must-have wardrobe items, to the $30 wardrobe item you can’t live without—will help you look like a million bucks (without dropping six figures).

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.40.39 PM

It’s almost impossible to walk around the streets without seeing at least one person toting a bag or wearing flats from designer Tory Burch. So just who is this amazing fashionista who’s listed as the 79th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes (with a net worth of approximately a billion dollars)? Simply flip through Burch’s book, In Color, and obtain an in-depth look at the people, places, and ideas that inspire her. Catch rare glimpses of Burch’s personal life, pore over her favorite artistic works, and take away some valuable business advice.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.42.03 PM

Is your makeup routine getting a little boring? Is your hairstyle bringing to mind “flat,” instead of “fabulous”? Well have no fear—because rock n’ roll hair stylist and makeup artist Louise Teasdale is here! If you’ve heard of mega-popular boy band One Direction, you’ll know that she’s responsible for their slick coifs. Let her work her glittery magic on you with The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty. With twenty-five fashionable projects for you to do at home, The Craft features everything from tutorials on how to achieve the perfect liquid eyeliner flick, to guides on choosing the proper moisturizers.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.44.11 PM

You know how they say shoes can make or break an outfit? Well, it’s true. And nobody knows that better than shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin. His exquisite self-titled monograph highlights the range of his couture and includes a five-piece foldout binding and a pop-up. With six chapters to fawn over, learn about Louboutin’s early life, the inspiration behind his exotic designs, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his studios and workshops.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.44.48 PM

Do you have a favorite Fashion / Beauty book you’d like to recommend? Drop a comment and let us know! Check out the full list of stylish books here.

Top Trending: December 8 – 13

It’s December, the best month to curl beside your cozy fireplace while sipping on a mug of frothy hot chocolate—with a great book by your side, of course!

This week’s Top Trending books are magical, mysterious, and mesmerizing—delve into a wild world of beasts, detectives, and unforgettable heroines.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 4.17.31 PM

Bouncing in at number two is J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We’re sure that as you’ve read through the Harry Potter series, a few questions will have popped up—like where does the Quintaped live, for example? Or those adorable purplish-pink Puffskeins, what do they eat? A copy of this book is a necessity in every wizarding household, but now Muggles can join in on the fun, too!

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 4.18.56 PM

When Mrs. Quine’s novelist husband goes missing, her first thought was that he was up to his usual fun and games—that he had gone off by himself for a few days as he used to do before. But when he doesn’t return home, she calls in private detective Cormoran Strike, who quickly realizes that there’s much more to Quine’s disappearance than his wife realizes. The novelist had just finished a manuscript featuring life-ruining pen-portraits of everyone he knows—meaning there are a lot of people who might want Quine silenced. The Silkworm is tantalizingly suspenseful and just happens to be written by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling’s penname).

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 4.27.12 PM

In John Green’s Finding Alaska, silence and safety is all that comes to Miles Pudge Halter’s mind when he thinks about life at home. His whole life has been one big non-event, and he’s determined to change that. When Miles goes off to Culver Creek Boarding School for a change in scenery, he meets the gorgeous and unforgettable Alaska Young, who embodies everything he wants his life to be: dangerous, unpredictable, a little screwed up, and utterly fascinating.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 4.29.59 PM

Get wrapped up in the fascinating world of the cyberpunk genre in William Gibson’s Neuromancer. The winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, this novel—about a washed-up computer hacker hired by a mysterious employer to pull off the ultimate hack— exploded onto the science fiction scene in the 80’s. In fact, only one science fiction masterpiece is to thank for the term “cyberpunk”—a subgenre of sci-fi in a near-future setting, noted for its focus on “high tech and low life”— and that is Neuromancer.

Intrigued yet? Check out the rest of this week’s exciting list of Top Trending books here!

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Twitter: Battle of the Sports Books

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard—who has recently won the U.S. player of the year award—is releasing a new book, The Keeper: The Unguarded Story of Tim Howard this Monday (December 9), to the delight of soccer fans around the globe.

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 4.43.40 PM

And this isn’t surprising—people are still reeling from Howard’s spectacular performance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, including 16 saves in the 2-1 loss in extra time to Belgium in Brazil. He did so well that a plethora of “Things Tim Howard Could Save” memes broke the Internet.

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 4.35.02 PM

With all of that in mind, we decided to see what type of sports book is most popular in the Twittersphere. We cast a spotlight on four sports—basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer—and pulled out four books featuring the very best athletes in their fields to determine which inspired the most mentions.

Michael Jordan: The LifeRoland Lazenby

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 2.55.16 PM

He shoots…and he scores! From the Shrug to the Shot and Flu Game, Michael Jordan is responsible for legendary moments that are so ingrained in sports history that they have their own names. Basketball journalist Roland Lazenby delves into the complex life of the hoops star, starting all the way back to Jordan’s skinny rookie days.

The Closer: My StoryMariano Rivera

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 3.20.12 PM

Follow along with the greatest relief pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera, as he shares his extraordinary story of survival, love, and baseball. The son of a poor Panamanian fisherman, Rivera didn’t even have his own glove when he was scouted by the Yankees—nor did he fly in an airplane or speak English. But with the love of his family and Rivera’s trust in the Lord, he emerges as one of baseball’s most iconic figures.

Mr. Hockey: My StoryGordie Howe

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 3.20.32 PM

Get wrapped up in the definitive autobiography from hockey’s greatest living legend, Goldie Howe. Known as “indestructible,” Howe dominated both the sport and record books—over six decades, the Hall of Famer set the record for most records by any athlete ever in any sport.

Why Soccer MattersPelé

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 3.31.55 PM

Before Beckham and Messi, there was Edson Arantes do Nascimento—simply known as Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time. Boasting an unprecedented three World Cup championships with 1,283 goals in his amazing twenty-year career, Pelé has now turned to writing, providing insights into soccer’s role in connecting players around the world.

We’re not going to lie, we honestly thought that Pelé’s book would have the highest amount of mentions, seeing as how soccer is known as the “world’s most popular sport,” and all, but Twitter doesn’t seem all that impressed. The book has a little more than 50 mentions in the past year— the lowest number out of the four books—and was released all the way back in April.

Both Michael Jordan: The Life and The Closer were published at the same time to a decent amount of buzz—Jordan’s book inspired twice as many tweets (almost 400) during their month of release (May), while Howe’s Mr. Hockey only managed to scrape 68 tweets in its October month of publication.

So between the four sports and legendary athletes, baseball and Mariano Rivera emerge as the victors.

Have you read any of these inspiring books? If so, what did you think? If you have a favorite sports book, share with us by leaving a comment!

From Memoirs to Movies

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.56.33 PM

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (2012) author Cheryl Strayed’s first-person memoir of her 1,100 mile-hike from the Mojave Desert through California, Oregon, and the border of Washington State— has been adapted into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon and it’s all anybody can talk about.

Out in theaters today, the movie is projected to be a smashing success that matches that of the book, which reached No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list and was the first selection for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0.

This made us wonder: What does it take for a memoir to become a movie? Does the book have to be a bestseller before movie executives even consider the purchase of rights for the film?

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.56.00 PM

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia (2006) chronicles Elizabeth Gilbert’s trip around the world after her divorce and what she discovered during her travels. The book remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for a whopping 187 weeks, spurring Columbia Pictures to purchase movie rights for a film starring Julia Roberts.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 4.04.10 PM

Journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (1997) describes what the author’s life is like after a massive stroke that left him with locked-in syndrome. The book received phenomenal reviews, sold the first 25,000 copies on the first day of publication, and continued on to become a number one bestseller across Europe. The success prompted a film of the same name featuring Mathieu Amalric as Bauby.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 4.05.40 PM

Clearly, how well the memoirs performed in sales played a big part in their transformation into films, but money isn’t the only factor—Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography. The critical acclaim was enough to push for a film to be made, following the anecdotes and stories of the author’s impoverished childhood and adulthood in Brooklyn, New York, and in Limerick, Ireland.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 4.07.55 PM

However, An Education (2009)—journalist Lynn Barber’s memoir of her teenage lover affair with a suave, older man—was not a bestseller, nor did it win any notable awards. Screenplay writer Nick Hornby simply stated that Barber’s story appealed to him because Lynn was “a suburban girl who was frightened that she was not going to get a cut out of everything good that happens in the city,” essentially likening her story to that of “pretty much every rock ‘n’ roll band.” The film version of the same name went on to be nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Carey Mulligan.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 4.09.51 PM

Aron Ralston’s Between a Rock and a Hard Placeabout how Ralston was trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot canyon in Blue John Canyon— was also made into a film (starring James Franco) for similar reasons. Director Danny Boyle, fresh from his previous film, Slumdog Millionaire, “wanted to do a film where [he] could follow an actor the way Darren Aronofsky did with The Wrestler, and 127 was [his] version of that.” Boyle wanted a powerful and intimate film, and Ralston’s one-man story resonated with him above all others.

In both cases with An Education and Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the memoirs were chosen not because of their ability to fly off bookshelves, but for reasons far deeper. They are unbearably honest and display the unbreakable strength of the human spirit, proving that it’s not always about the money or accolades—sometimes, a book’s message just has to strike the right emotional chord.   

YouTubers vs. Established Authors

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 3.56.07 PM

If you’ve never heard of Zoella, the popular English fashion and beauty YouTuber, then you’ve been living under a rock—because this 24-year-old has recently obliterated records for highest ever first week sales for a debut writer. With 78,000 copies of GirlOnline picked up in its first week, Zoella has outperformed both EL James and JK Rowling during their debuts!

Now that’s impressive.

With a rising trend of publishers throwing book deals at vloggers, we wanted to see whether their efforts for getting fans to post on social media are actually effective. By doing so, we pulled data from four books that have been released around the same time and compared the Twitter buzz generated by YouTubers to those of established authors.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 4.01.39 PM

The Pointless Book: Started by Alfie Deyes, Finished by You is anything but pointless. Filled with fun activities and challenges, it is no surprise that vlogger Alfie Deyes—who boasts over 2.9 million subscribers—and his book were mentioned more than two thousand times on Twitter. A barrage of self-advertising tweets and interviews (along with constant mentions from girlfriend, Zoella––yes, you read right) helped a great deal. Grace Helbig’s (1.9m subscribers) Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up—a tongue-in-cheek handbook for young adults— also derived an impressive two thousand tweets. Helbig’s relentless campaign on Twitter and live launches have done well to promote the guide that is flying off bookshelves.

No surprises there, but when we pulled up tweets for Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat, we were blown away—the Queen of Gothic Fiction’s new novel inspired almost four thousand mentions. We guessed that the continuation of sexy vampire Lestat’s story had something to do with it, but Jodi Picoult’s novel, Leaving Time about a daughter determined to find her missing mother—generated a whopping five thousand mentions!

We’ve got to be honest— we suspected that the YouTubers (who are all in their twenties) would win out, especially over older authors who lack a younger fan base, but we were wrong. Although the graph (below) suggests that The Pointless Book and Grace’s Guide boasted the highest spikes in discussion, Prince Lestat and Leaving Time had the most consistent buzz throughout.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 3.47.22 PM

Make no mistake––although young social media mavens are currently all the rage, veteran authors are still the ones who reign supreme over the literary world.

Top 5 TV Shows Based On Books

From witches, blood-sucking vampires, to privileged teens in the Upper East Side and murderous teenagers, television shows these days are exciting and addictive—all you want to do at the end of an episode is watch another.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.38.11 AM

But did you know that many of these TV shows were based off of novels?

Here are five of the most surprising:

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.21.18 AM

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris serves as the basis for the hit television drama series, True Blood. The novel details the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional town in Louisiana.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.22.43 AM

Who would have thought that popular Netflix show Orange Is the New Black—a comedy-drama series about a bisexual woman who is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison— is actually based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison? Kerman details the story of her money laundering and drug trafficking conviction and subsequent year spent in a women’s prison, where she attempts to preserve her individuality in the face of a gray bureaucracy.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.25.05 AM

Boardwalk Empire, an American period crime drama TV series, was inspired by Nelson Johnson’s book, Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City. Emmy Award winning screenwriter Terence Winter was inspired after reading about local mob kingpin Enoch L. “Nucky” Thompson and the Prohibition-era mecca of lawlessness.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.27.40 AM

Most people are so engrossed with the TV show Dexter that they fail to realize that the show’s first season was derived from Jeff Lindsay’s novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. A forensic blood spatter pattern analyst, Dexter has a unique hobby—in his spare time, he acts as a serial killer who kills rapists, murderers, and other undesirables he believes have escaped the justice system.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.28.53 AM

Friday Night Lights is a popular show that is set against the backdrop of Texas and addresses issues facing contemporary American culture including family values, racism, drugs, and school funding. It takes its inspiration from H.G. Bissinger’s non-fiction book, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and Dream, which details the 1988 season of the Permian Panthers, a high school football team.

Have you read any of these books? If so, did you prefer the TV show adaptation or the novel? Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment!

This Week’s Top Trending Relaxation + Self-Help Books

December is here! Now that NaNoWriMo is officially over, you can relax your poor fingers and let your brain quiet down for a bit. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing you need: this week’s list of Top Trending relaxation and self-help books. From the art of being “still,” to tips on how to manage stress, we’ve got you and your mental wellbeing covered.

The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness by Barb Schmidt

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.26.11 PM

 Happiness isn’t easy to acquire—and sometimes, your mind is your worst enemy. It takes training to gain an inner source of peace and with Schmidt’s three-part spiritual discipline, you will learn how to avoid stress and doubt while gaining a higher sense of self-confidence. The tools that you will learn are derived from a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions and are proven to work. Meditate, reflect, and engage in exercises that will inspire and change your life.

Sane New World: A User’s Guide to the Normal-Crazy Mind by Ruby Wax

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.27.13 PM

Attempt to understand the craziness of modern life with this hilarious and honest book by comedian, writer and mental health advocate, Ruby Wax. So often our minds can drive us up the wall with our internal critics (“You should have,” “Why didn’t you,” etc.) that it’s no wonder that we’re all a little bit bonkers. This is why Wax— by sharing her enlightening life journey— hopes to explain why we sabotage our sanity, how our brains work, and how we can rewire our thinking through often simple techniques.

The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.27.55 PM

 Staying put isn’t as simple as you’d think. The Art of Stillness focuses around the unexpected adventuring of staying still and theorizes that, “the more ways we have to connect, the more we seem desperate to unplug.” Pico, a lifelong traveler who has visited everywhere from Ethiopia and Cuba to Kathmandu, draws influence from the lives of well-known monks and his own experiences as a travel writer in rural Japan. Iyer reflects that advances in technology are making us more likely to retreat, and stresses that sometimes “Nowhere” has a lot more to offer than “Anywhere.”

 Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year by Demi Lovato

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.28.43 PM

 Anywhere you go, you will see singing megastar Demi Lovato’s face plastered on posters and television screens. The former Disney star may seem as if she leads a perfectly charmed life, but she has her own demons to deal with. In Staying Strong, the starlet—who is about to embark on her second season as a judge on X-Factor—commits to helping other young people dealing with issues of self-worth and value. With a powerful 365-day collection of Lovato’s most hopeful insights and quotes, readers will emerge from the pages to be stronger than ever.

Do you have any similar book suggestions or tips on how to wind down? If so, share with us by leaving a comment! Visit here for the rest of this week’s Top Trending self-help and relaxation books.

Black Friday: Books To Look Out For

After you’ve had your fill of delicious Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie, prepare yourself for the event of the year—Black Friday!

We know there are a ton of things to buy, but if you happen to spy any of these books, don’t hesitate to make a purchase—critically acclaimed and recommended by celebrities, they will make great holiday gifts.

I Must Say: My Life As A Humble Comedy Legend Martin Short

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 4.20.29 PM

Comedian Martin Short tells the tale of how a showbiz-obsessed boy from Canada transformed himself into one of Hollywood’s favorite funnymen.

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial FreedomTony Robbins

Tony Robbins has coached and inspired more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. Now, in his first book in two decades—he teaches you how to secure financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Beware of PityStefan Zweig

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 4.42.45 PM

In 1913 a young lieutenant discovers the dangers of pity—he had no idea the girl was lame when he asked her to dance. His ensuing courtship relieves his guilt but gives her a dangerous glimmer of hope.

Yes Please Amy Poehler

Comedian Amy Poehler offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex, love, friendship and parenthood in her highly anticipated first book.

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club: A NovelGenevieve Valentine

Gorgeous and bewitching, this novel is a twist on the fairytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses as flappers during the Roaring Twenties in Manhattan.

The Art of CaptaincyMike Brearley

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 5.05.33 PM

Journey alongside Brearley, one of England’s finest cricket captains, as he considers his role on the field and the impact that sporting success can have on other parts of our lives.